Gabrielle Ritz. gabes, gabe, ritz or ritzy. Sixteen years old. Glee Club member. Ex Cheerio - rather proud of that should ask how I got kicked off the team. Music-holic. ((just an rp account, no association with glee, RM, or lucy hale. this is an original character. no stealing/borrowing without permission))




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I don’t know how it happened, probably because there was no school yesterday and today feels like a Monday, but I don’t like Tuesdays anymore. It might be the fact that I got nailed by a slushie this morning… but don’t worry, I got the person back (mom says I have anger issues… but I feel that what I did was totally warranted), and landed myself in after school clean up. Yeah, so. I hate Tuesdays.

aawe, thanks for the follow!

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Waiting for Quinn to let me in her house. Who are you again?

Sigh. Gabrielle Ritz, more commonly known as Ritz or Gabes. We were in Glee club together last year.

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eating doritos. you?


not so lucky when everyone in mckinley knows your brothers name. it’s quite annoying actually.

right? the year just needs to be over already.

aawe… that would suck. At least they know … part of your name. Just another glee member over here xD

Yeah. I’m so done with waking up early.

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Hey Darc’s big Bro

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